FSA Team Kit

FSA Coaching trucker cap

Who doesn’t love trucker caps?? FSA Coaching trucker caps for keeping the sun out of your eyes, wearing backwards when running in a headwind or just generally looking da bomb. $3 extra for shipping in NZ, if you're local to Kāpiti I'll get it to you the old fashioned way.


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We’ve got triathlon, cycle and run kit all made right here in NZ, thanks to the awesome team at Ultimo Clothing. Kit orders are run in batches when there is sufficient numbers to do an order. Give us a shout if you keen for kit!

FSA Tri Team


Coaching Consultations

Book a 60 minute coaching consultation for a (triathlon) topic of your choosing!  Pick up the consultation in the shop and drop us a line at to arrange a time and place.

Coaching consultation

60 minutes to talk turkey with coach Tom on anything triathlon related. In person (if in Kāpiti or Wellington) or by phone/FaceTime/etc if further afield).