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Ironman 70.3 New Zealand, the FSA Way – Blog 1

UntitledThose of you that saw my recent Instagram post will have seen that I’m going to be using the principles of the coaching method I’ve developed for FSA Coaching to train for the Ironman 70.3 NZ in March, blogging my progress on the way.  That’s five months to develop my endurance base, hone my 70.3 race skills, strengthen my core and develop my mental aptitude, all while striving to be the best father and husband I can be, working the day job and helping my fabulous FSA Coaching athletes achieve their triathlon goals.  Sounds pretty full on, but that’s where I’m hoping the principles of the FSA Coaching method will help me navigate through this potentially complex maze!

So, in this first blog post in the series, I thought I’d set out just what the principles of the FSA Coaching method are.  As the Instagram post said:

At FSA Coaching, we are all about #triathlon training being full of #fun, #spirit and #adventure. We also believe in maximising #trainingefficiency using #metrics, #tools and #trainingaidsExpect to see lots of #mtb, #TrainingPeaks metrics, #zwift workouts, #timetrial specific training, #openwaterswimming, #100m repeats, #intervaltraining, #trailrunning, build up #races and more.

Nice and simply, the FSA Coaching principles are:

  1. Training should be fun and purposeful;
  2. Athletes should understand their goals and the path to achieving them;
  3. Make the most of your time through intelligent and targeted training;
  4. Train to race through race simulation; and (most importantly)
  5. Enjoy the process!

Hopefully these principles are pretty self explanatory, but in future blog posts I’ll expand on each of these principles and explain how they guide my _IGP5940training and how they manifest themselves in the training week.  They’re a complementary bunch of principles that fit well together, help me get the most out of my sport.

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