Moving on…

Having fun on the Western Okataina Walkway before the pain really came.

Well, Tarawera Ultra didn’t go to plan.

A DNF is always a difficult thing to swallow, especially at an event you’ve been building towards for the best part of a year…  For me, a pre-existing achillies niggle hit me at about the 2km mark and got progressively worse for the next 4 hours.  I finally decided to pack it in at Humphries Bay (which turn out to be the optimum DNF spot because I got a boat trip over Lake Tarawera).

After working my way through the 7 stages of grief, I’m now I’ve now come to terms with the whole thing and am looking forward to the end of the season, a bit of rehab on the achillies and some planning for the autumn and next season.

At the moment, the race plans look like something like this:

I still be working the awesome Kerry and Ali at Squadrun for the run work but am shifting the focus back to the triathlon scene for the time being, for the variety and the injury prevention.


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