It’s just over two weeks to go to the Tarawera Ultra Marathon.  I’m fatigued, I’m feeling flat and, I’ll be honest, I’m more than a little bit grumpy…! I reckon those are all perfect symptoms of a good, strong build up.  If you ask me, anyone that feels great a few weeks out from a big race is either lying or under-trained.  At this stage of race prep, you should be ragged, knackered, not particularly keen to train and craving bed more than is normal.  Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

Enjoying the taper at Kapiti Coast Parkrun


I’ve been clocking up some reasonable hours over the last couple of months on the Squadrun training programme.  Nothing sensational, and definitely nothing compared to the big boys and girls, but enough to fatigue this old body.

So this is where the next piece of the puzzle comes in – peaking and tapering.  The time to sharpen up and rest up so you arrive on the start line loose, limber, eager and feisty.

I love the taper.  You will probably hear so many athletes saying how frustrating tapering is, how restless they get and how they just want to go out and train.  Not this soldier.  Tapering is my natural state.  I love the ability to sharpen up with speedwork and spend more time with my feet up watching Crocodile Dundee, Heat, Die Hard, Top Gun and all the other great latest releases (have I missed something…?).

So over the next couple of weeks, you’ll find me in my happy place – smashing out a few Parkrun 5kms and catching up on the golden era of cinema.  The optimal preparation for the big race day.  All those other dudes frustrated about the lack of training just don’t know what movies to watch…

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  • Great blog post mate and good luck… with that awful selection of movies (real men don’t like Heat), in addition to the ultra. Looking forward to reading the next blog and seeing your results. Chur


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