The stresses of sedentariness

The lower North Island’s excitement this week has been well documented.  On the Kapiti Coast, we evacuated from our place on Sunday night as a precaution against the tsunami threat.  Sat in the car with one kid in the boot with the dog, two kids and Tash in the back and Granny in the passenger seat was 15055709_10154472292220932_8443208421394935955_na real adventure!  On Monday night, we camped out in the living room, reassuring the kids and staying close to each other.  Unfortunately, I was up all night with my own personal evacuation of a different kind…!  The floods hit on Tuesday, img_0512so while I was off work sick, supposedly convalescing, I spent the day pumping flood water out of our garden.

Of course, we’re the lucky ones.  We got to go back into our house, we’ve been able to keep loved ones close the whole time, the flood water came no closer than the driveway and my previously robust constitution has returned following a rather dodgy 48 hours!  So many people have had it so much worse, and my heart goes out to them.

But what’s all this domestic triviality got to do with a blog about endurance sport, you probably didn’t ask.  Well I’ll tell you anyway.  The upshot of all this adventure is that my training has taken a hit.  I’ve done no form of physical activity (other than running around in the garden/pond and back and forth to the toilet) since Sunday.  And I’m grumpy!  Truth be told, a little break from training is probably no bad thing.  My body was already pretty fatigued, but the forced break is not on my terms and that’s what hacks me off.

Tomorrow, I will go for a run and a swim.  And it will be good.  So what’s the story here?  I reckon we should take the opportunities to get out for a hit out whenever they come along.  Don’t put it off until tomorrow.  Because you never know what might come along tomorrow to stuff up your plans!


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