FSA Triathlon Coaching is a specialist triathlon coaching service offering a range of options and plans to help you achieve your triathlon goals. We work with anyone from junior cross-country runners to seasoned Ironmen.

We can help you to achieve your athletic ambitions through customised training plans, coaching services and resources.

From the FSA Blog

  • As a newbie to Triathlon, I really needed to be personally coached so signed up with Tom.  Tom was great at explaining the sessions I didn’t understand and quick to reply to my questions, which I had a lot of haha. I became a lot stronger on the bike and found it made me stronger for running hills out on the trails too.  Tom had me ready for Ironman and I knew without a doubt that I was fit enough to complete the Ironman I had entered, however a change in my personal circumstance meant I never stood on the start line.  If I ever decide to do another Ironman, I’d have no hesitation in employing Tom as my coach!

    Kirsten Rodeka
  • Rotorua Association of Triathletes & Multisport (RATS)

    Our triathlon club RATs (Rotorua Association of Triathlon & Multisport Inc) engaged Tom  to put together some training programmes for our members. The response to the programmes has been very positive, with many members following them for the current tri season and enjoying the sessions. I found Tom great to work with – he’s positive, friendly, responsive and professional. He has a great sporting background to tap into, with awesome successes in triathlon and ultra-distance running. Thanks Tom for helping out our club.

    Rotorua Association of Triathletes & Multisport (RATS)
  • Ricky Bevan

    After watching my wife compete in several triathlons I got inspired to compete in one. Not being able to swim very well early this year, I could only do a lap before needing a rest. My wife went ahead and entered me in the quarter IronMaori. I told her I couldn’t swim but she booked me in for lessons.

    Getting concerned a few week out she saw Tom’s post re: wanting someone to coach. I’ve never followed a training schedule before in my life, fortunately Tom to the rescue a nice simple schedule to follow.

    Some hands on swim coaching from Tom gave me confidence to be able to swim lengths non-stop and the run and biking training kept me honest and got me to the start line. Race day was nerve racking but Tom’s belief in me kept me focused and I finished my first long distance triathlon in 3:02. I’m now looking forward to my next one.

    Ricky Bevan